Steve Jorgensen // Principal

Steve Jorgensen’s talent and passion support executives and teams as they accomplish important work in the non-profit community with great integrity, commitment and results.

Steve brings extensive experience in providing financial management expertise to non-profit organizations. Prior to forming his consulting firm, Steve served as Principal and Managing Director of N. Cheng & Co., a CPA firm solely serving non-profits. During his 12-year tenure, he created innovative and cost effective approaches to financial management that enabled the rapid growth of the firm.  

Coupled with his financial expertise, he has first-hand experience leading a non-profit organization. Steve lived and breathed the mission, financial demands, needs and pressures facing non-profits as a co-founder/ Executive Director of Discipleship Outreach Ministries/ Turning Point — a multi-service and multi-funded agency in Brooklyn. Under his 20 year leadership, the organization grew to be an important multi-social service provider in southwest Brooklyn.    

Separating Steve from other consultants is his unique ability to understand not only the business side of the equation but to develop and nurture strong leaders needed to steward these important organizations. The fruit of Steve’s labors has not only been strong, growing, financially sound organizations, but the development of committed leaders who carry on the work after he leaves.

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BA in Psychology and Sociology from Brooklyn College, CUNY

Throughout my personal and professional life, I have always focused on affecting people and systems. After earning a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Sociology and completing some graduate work in social work with an emphasis on community organizing, I was drawn and became immersed in working at a grassroots level.


Community organizer focusing on social justice

In my 20s, I was a community organizer focused on social justice; creating and strengthening community organizations fighting for social change.


As Executive Director of Discipleship Outreach Ministries/ Turning Point, Steve built the organization into an expansive multi-service, multi-funded agency.

In my 30s and 40s, I became a Christian and my life changed. The mission was to be a practical demonstration of the unconditional love of Jesus to most hurting and vulnerable people in our community (Sunset Park, Brooklyn). The vehicle to accomplish this was Discipleship Outreach Ministries/ Turning Point, as its Executive Director.


Principal/Managing Director of N. Cheng & Co. – A CPA firm specializing in financial services to non-profits.

As I entered my 50s, after discerning that it was time to leave Discipleship, a door opened to come to N. Cheng & Co. to do financial management with non-profits. Not where I ever pictured myself being! Shortly thereafter, a new mission emerged: to transform NYC through strengthening and undergirding its small to mid-sized non-profits.


Steve Jorgensen & Friends Consulting Services – supporting the growth and development of non-profit leaders and their organizations.

And now, as I approached and turned 60, my interest and focus changed. While organizations are necessary and important, the development of the people who lead them is even more important. My interest has shifted to supporting, mentoring and developing talented and committed leaders.